Classic Metal for the New Age

Classic Metal for the Ages


“...this is the unapologetic classic sound of Heavy Metal from the days when sorcery and metal mixed!”

“If you miss those bands of old whose theatrical stories kept you going, you need this in your life, and if you’re too young to remember those times… You need this in your life.”

         --Lady Jaye, Build the Scene



“A crystal-clear, spacey production really helps the band get their message across, with taut, sinewy songwriting also helping the band to pack a hefty punch.”

          --Ferry Templeton, Sentinel Daily



"...taking influence from Maiden, Dio, Sabbath and Priest, Dieselbeast are everything your leather and studded heart could desire...With a swords and sorcery style...anyone who likes the classic metal revivalism of Grand Magus etc it's worth a headbang. 7/10    

           --Musipedia of Metal



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